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Play Pretties
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You can't even imagine how giddy it makes me to see the Valentine's Day card in real true life. I LOVED this movie....
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2010 on Pumpkin Waffles and Julia Child at Laura Irrgang
Oh my...... 'nuff said.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2010 on Amy Atlas at Laura Irrgang
I LOVE this picture. She's uber-gorgeous.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on My baby is adorable at Laura Irrgang
So what are you telling me? No more IHOP? I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2010 on Breakfast at Laura Irrgang
LOVE IT!!!! I need one big enough for four kids. Two of them being teenagers. Actually, while we're at it, a husband, two dogs a guinea pig and a tortoise...oh yeah and a fish. If you could get to work on that ASAP, I'd be oh so grateful...hey thanks...
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2010 on House Dress at Laura Irrgang
I love crows...and apparently I didn't realize it until now. Thanks Crow Lady!!! Oh yeah...and your new friend? Don't make me fight for you. Have a great day!!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on Crows at Laura Irrgang
Happy Clap!!!!! I had soooo much fun on Friday. Do it it again... I walk by my little merman dish and SWOON~~~ Mom and I ventured out on Saturday and found a bookshelf at an estate sale...not to mention a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox that my brother is wet his pants excited over. Again, had a great day with you and baby. Thanks!!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on Fabulous Friday at Laura Irrgang
Could you GET any luckier???? That is the cutest darn thing.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2010 on Acorn Hat at Laura Irrgang
She's a little beauty...the cake is pretty darn cool too. Good job!!!!!
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on Miss Baby is ONE! at Laura Irrgang
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Posted Dec 29, 2009 at Play Pretties's blog
I thought to myself as I was deboning a chicken..."self, a wishbone deserves to be saved and collected." I now have 3. So glad someone else thought so too.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on November Morning at Laura Irrgang