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Stacy Walden
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I remember when you began putting Michelle's tutorials on your site. So glad to see such an accomplishment. I have just started making my jewelry again. Been gone for some time due to illness. Still kept up on your amazing videos and blog. B'Sues is the only supplier for me. I just so appreciate your dedication to continuing to inspire and share your amazing knowledge. You have been an inspiration to so many! Looking forward to creating again!
Wow looks like a blast had by all. I am so glad you had so much fun and what a lot of knowledge and goodies were shared. Friendships that last a lifetime!
I know it is hard to pic a fav! You have done so many great ones! But I have to say I have learned the most from YOU, more than any book, magazine or other videos! You are so personable and I would not think it would be the same if you ever changed your format. As far as more topics. Hmmmm I love the mixed media or how about designing, or what to do when you get into a ceative slump! I just love your entire set up. Can't wait for the shop.
Great little pair and so easy peasy! I wonder if you could do double loops? I may just try and I will post if successful.
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May 27, 2012
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Jan 7, 2012