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Great post. I confess, I was guilty of thinking of JC as a fluke, a gimmick, nothing serious. But his words have changed my mind. He found a niche no one else was targeting very successfully and went for it — and it was instinctual, not a plan, really, from what I can gather. The man rocks.
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I am SO PLEASED that EVERY comment says this issue is far from dead. Yes, a lot of the discussion is uniformed whining, but big deal. For great ideas to emerge the discussion has to continue. Here's a post I recently wrote on this topic:
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Ferg, Really, you think it's "sad" that someone might take credit for something he poured his heart and soul into? Who deserves the credit? Jeff
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Jeff, Copyright law was not written to protect goods or services but rather the expression of ideas. In other words, if you think of a cool idea (a song, some computer code, etc.) you have the right for a limited amount of time to say who can and cannot legally express your idea. As a result, when I buy a CD, I'm not buying music or plastic, I'm buying a right to listen to something (with limitations). Jeff S.
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Mar 15, 2010
Love your blog! Here's a comparison of incandescent, CFL and LED.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2007 on Let there be really cool light at No Impact Man
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