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Charlie, Darrell Smith here. I grew up listening to you and Jerry work your magic on tons of records. I've been inspired by the writing, the musicality and the production aesthetics of the projects you've curated and produced over the years. While I've known Jerry for something like 15 years now, I've just come back from spending the weekend with him at Summer NAMM with Line 6. He truly is a work of art. I affirm that Jerry is both a phenomenal player, and a tone aficionado. Jerry is also a delightful person to be around, and has a unique "social grease" gifting that can make any situation workable. Even when faced with the loss of such an amazing array of covetable gear. As as session guy, you've got to have your chops together, your tones together and be a great hang. That's Jerry Mac to a T. Here's to many more years of great music from the two of you! Cheers, D
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Jun 24, 2010