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Chicago, IL
Passionate Evangelist for Open Standards of Relationship Capital (RC)
Interests: Volunteer to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, Computer Gaming, Blogging
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Outstanding article. That has compelled me to respond. It may be legal, but it is certainly not moral or "doing-the-right-thing". Research from LRN, Boston Consulting Group, and USC Center for Organizational Effectiveness has shown that to build and sustain a high performing organizational culture requires high trust which creates greater risk-taking that delivers more creativity & innovation that achieves greater financial performance. This cruise line company is operating with a 20th Century command & control mindset driven by carrot & stick motivators. Why would top performing individuals want to work or stay at a firm such as this? A company values what it measures and this cruise line values financials and the investors over customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. This organizational mindset is no longer a sustainable business model because we live in an interconnected and transparent world. For-profit business leaders and their accounting minions have been very good at measuring how much? Business leaders must confront financial performance, but it is a result people who competent, character-led, good intent, and proactive in their actions. How we connect, collaborate, engender trust, deepen loyalties, keep promises, and earn relationship capital is now the source of sustainable success. I would make a bet that without a major change in leadership and organizational culture, this cruise line is on the road toward insignificance.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2015 on Legally right or morally right? at Zealise Blog
Thank you John! You have done a wonderful job of articulating concepts that have been rattling in my head for 6 years. The Standard of Trust tribe is passionate about adopting open industry standards for the capture & measurement of Relationship Capital (RC). "Commitment" is a fundamental word in the RC process. Trust has always been built on commitments-kept & positive perceptions. RC will be earned in real-time. To your point on "Vulnerability", we are human and we make mistakes. We do not always keep our commitments so "Forgiveness" is important in to maintaining high quality relationships offline or online. Another "Ahah" in our research & development in measuring the quality of on-line relationships and earning Relationship Capital (RC) is the importance of "Guiding Principles". Principles of Honesty, Accountability, Responsibility, Respect, Support, Boundaries, and Trustworthiness are core to earning RC and Trust. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge. You have made an impact on my work & life! -Rob
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Sep 10, 2011