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Staring at Strangers
MIchoacan, Mexico, and New York, New York
jennifer j. rose is in Morelia, Michoacán, and David J. Leffler is in New York City.
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That was a fantastic article. I think it will give many solo and small firm lawyers inspiration to look beyond the practice of law.
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Mar 15, 2010
What's happening these days with free content is exactly what happened when television became a mass-medium in the 1950's. Everyone predicted that it would be the death of radio, but surprise!, radio is still with us today in 2009. There have been several other new technologies introduced that the experts predicted would supplant older technologies, but they haven't. And I ask you, why the heck is faxing still around? Downloading movies on the Internet haven't replaced DVD's, but they might . . . or might not. And to me, free content is part of a new technology, because without the new technology of the Internet, etc., it couldn't exist. Face it, without all of this new technology, we'd be back to handing out flyers on our local street corner. As Chris Anderson says, he is not predicting that all paid journalism will fade away. However, I do believe that Malcolm Gladwell raises an interesting point about YouTube. This free service is losing about $500 million a year, and its owner Google is still scratching its head (does Google have a head?) over how to make money with this thing. Part of it's plan now is to buy content for the YouTube site, so it's clear that free is not always the answer (nor is Mr. Anderson saying that it is). There is news content that I will almost always appreciate reading from paid journalists rather than "volunteers." While the missives smuggled out of Iran by ordinary citizens are certainly dramatic and to some extent informative, a professional paid journalist will take the time and have the resources to develop the whole picture, check sources, and write a thorough report, not just a report that focuses on what just happens to be that particular journalist's personal experience with the subject matter. So a Geek Dad probably can write just as good an article (or perhaps even better) as a professional journalist about the experience of being a Geek Dad, but might be a bit overwhelmed by putting together a comprehensive report on the current situation in Honduras.
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