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Todd Stark
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Jul 5, 2017
Thanks for this critique, Carl. I'm an admirer of Phil's work from way back, and I think there are some reasonable or at least intrguing points here, but I agree this talk is a largely incoherent mashup of ideas in search of a real argument. I'm not convinced he doesn,t have a worthy perspective, but he hasn't made his case here. On the other hand, I think the fashionable trend now among science writers is to deny culture critiques reflexively and take a somewhat panglossian view of culture change, waving away the relics of our past like face to face interaction and books. As if our remarkable adaptability always works to our advantage eventually. There are tradeoffs every time we adapt ti something new. I don't accuse you of ignoring that, Carl, your writings are particularly thoughtful. I do think you've adopted a little of that tone though when you seem to sneer at Zimbardo's conceptual material along with his admittedly poorly sewn rug here. How much is Phil's doing, how much the promotional format of TED is hard to say. I would suggest though that "pitching out corrupts within."
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Jun 1, 2012