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They will find your box. The good news is when you're a grandparent, the grandkids will think you're brilliant. However, your teenager will believe you suck just by breathing in their general vicinity. So it all comes out even.
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One disabled friend unwittingly coined a brilliant word, "rememories"...I love it. She was talking about bad "rememories."
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Mar 8, 2010
Gee, that brings back memories. Makes me wish I knew some gamers to play with these days.
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I was thinking of him as an adult, actually. Ya know, for whatever reason, (maybe because of the pic) I wasn't thinking of him as an UNDERAGE kid. A kid, from my lofty perspective as grandma pushing 60, but not underage. Plus I wrote that before I saw you'd written what you thought was slashfic. Or 41 words thereof. I only do m/m slash and so far only K/S... though I am doing m/m adult sf, all original characters, with some old fashioned stuff in there too. Not all erotica, just plot driven and character driven with erotica. Cos they're bisexual aliens who look pretty human. Mostly. But anyways, wasn't thinking of him as a child. Which should be a compliment to you.
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Despite the orange glow, that's made of awesome. Don't take this wrong, Wil, but I'm wondering, old K/S writer that I am, if anyone slashed Wesley with anyone...say, Data? Or Geordie? Actually can't think of a pairing onship that would strike me as "canonical" (that is, that my slashy mind could think of supported by anything in particular) but I bet it could be sweet if there had been one. Not that I'm casting slashy aspirsions your way, or nothin'. I don't do Real Person slash. Just wonderin' about the character. Honest. I mean. Those lips. Those eyes. HAWT.
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