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Matt, I read your writings about this before. But, I am concerned on how this impacts repeat business. I am concerned about the negative emotional impact of a "pay what you think it's worth" model. As a customer, I feel that this puts the onus on me. Rather than having a definite price, I have to figure out what the service was worth. It also puts pressure on me not to appear cheap, which is aggravation I do not need. As a result, I might pay more than what I think the service was worth; but, I would resent having done so. If there was an option of providing return business, I might go with a competitor that does not put me in this position. I think a slight tweak relieves this pressure: present the customer with an invoice fully describing the services, time spent, and the final cost. However, at the end include a statement which reads, "this is the value we feel we provided. You can raise or lower this amount to whatever you think is fair.
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Apr 27, 2010