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Hello, Just wondering where on the Zone 1-3 continuum, the MAF (Maffetone) heartrate would be? I am 34 and generally train in the 145-150 range, but it is not what I would call "easy." I live at 5100' and this comports to a 5:45 mile on a track and a 10:00 pace on a 12% incline. 150HR is definitely not 30 beats below my Lactate Threshold. 150 is probably more like 20 beats under LT. The highest HR I have ever recorded was 186- about 5 years ago and long before I was cardiovascularly fit. So based on this research, should I spend more time in the 140 BPM range- where exercise does feel much easier? My training is for hundred milers. Thanks, Jeremy
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Dec 9, 2013