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Thanks for the link on Nicole Williams article. I've encountered a lot of co-workers she described. Once while packing an office up for relocation, I found a notebook of a co-worker (she was too busy to help with the move). The notebook was a daily journal of her nit-picking my every word and move. I had no idea she hated me that much. She had even written down things she had done to trip me up and sabotage projects. I showed the notebook to my boss and the co-worker was fired within a week.
Thanks for this, Jarie. I never really considered starting my own project at work. That's something I'll take with me when I do get a job. Hopefully soon.
I adore books. They have been and still are my constant companions. The library is my favorite place to be. I really don't look forward to their demise, but know it is coming. I've not been interested in e-readers due to all the bugs, DRM, and Amazon pulling the plug on already purchased books. I want to purchase a digital copy, then download it to my reader of choice. Yes, there are those who would try to take advantage, but I'm not one. The way things are designed for these, I'm considered a criminal from the start. I do like the idea of reading magazines and newspapers electronically. I would be willing to pay a subscription for e-versions. But if I were to go to an e-reader; once I pay for a book, I own that book. So, for now, I'll stick to the old-fashioned books.
This is one reason why I no longer enjoy American sports. Baseball was always a favorite sport because of the skill and patience that went into playing. There was also the fun of statistics that made it appealing to us math nerds. All these 'power hitters' have taken the fun out of the game. Football used to be about running the ball and executing strategic plays. All of that is gone because the players are too bulky. It's all about crashing into each other. There's more time now spent on measuring the field to see how far the ball was moved. There was a time you could actually see it being moved because players did run. Today, they all look as if they can only run a few feet before they collapse of exhaustion. For basketball - they need to raise the basket a least a foot to make that game interesting again. Leave the dunking for donuts and coffee. Let's seem some real skill of making a mid-court shot with nothing but net. I'll take European football and rugby any day. At least the athletes look like athletes and not a bunch of lumbering hulks.
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Jan 16, 2010