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If you have Windows, you can download Movie Maker for free . It's pretty good and easy to use. If you are looking for something more advanced, then there's Adobe Premiere Elements. You can also usually get Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements as a bundle.
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I don't think he will be there but I don't think there has been an official announcement. You may want to try asking on the main ZQC board just in case people don't open this post. Someone may have more info.
I agree with SantaFeFan, if budget allows, I would recommend getting reserved seats. It's just more convenient. When I went, it wasn't worth getting Gold or Captains because the seats were only a little closer and I wasn't really interested in the autographs that came with the seats. If you do want autographs, Jonathan Frakes is really good about taking time with each person. ZQ and George Takei are also awesome about talking with fans but they aren't booked to appear. Please note: I am not saying there aren't other actors who are great with fans, these are just the ones I can personally vouch for :) Also, keep your suitcase a little empty when you go as you will come home with more stuff than you ever intended. That's how I ended up with a chirping Tribble.
You can rent the movie on Amazon for $6.99. I have done it before and was happy with the streaming quality.
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I love the trivia features for movies on IMDB and I like some of the forum posts related to actual movies. But I stay clear of the ones for actor profiles. I don't want to read hateful things about people I don't like let alone ones I do. As SantaFeFan mentions, if you don't respond, they usually go away.
I am really looking forward to his episodes. I heeded the spoiler warning so I did not read the article. Like Sunfell, the show isn't my usual thing but I definitely want to see at least through Zach's episodes.
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I love to have theme weeks where I just go through a whole season or series. And I still think that So NoTORIous is an underrated gem. Please post updates on how your week progresses :)
I love SOA too. It's what my co-worker calls a Man Soap. I didn't watch it first season because I thought it was a guy show. But its really good.
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I am anxiously awaiting this film. It doen't come out in the States until March. Please post a review if you go :) It's been a long time since Hot Fuzz came out.
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I don't think so. The movie is premiering at some film festivals so there will probably be some clips coming out. You may also want to "Like" Margin Call on Facebook, the updates seem pretty frequent. Even if you are not on Facebook, you can go to the page directly:
Good to know I wasn't the only one who didn't pull together many decorations this year. I moved recently as well and still settling in. So I vowed to do better next year. I promise to try to try.
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I believe that's from the Next Gen episode, The Naken Now, where the Enterprise is investigating a drifting ship and get an illness similar to being drunk. It's a "sequel" to the TOS episode The Naked Time.
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Dec 3, 2010
"Don't look behind the curtain" "Nothing to see here. Move along". @LisaM makes a good point. I am not sure. It seems like he would stop time everywhere.
I would also recommend the linked Details article:
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My favorite line, "This is not Metropolis. Wearing glasses is not a disguise."
Aren't plays usually 1 on Friday and 2 on Saturday/Sunday? There is usually a matineee and evening show on Saturdays and Sundays. How the actors are able to do two shows in one day is beyond me (especially one as long as AiA).
The show is on Hulu if you want to see whom you will be meeting :) There are full episodes and clips.
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Thanks for posting! Not only part of Star Trek history but those clothes are epic. So much synthetic fabric...
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I assume that you already have a viewing marathon planned? :)
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I didn't really even realize how many lens flares there were in the movie until my friend said "boy that director never met a lens flare he didn't like". Still an awesome movie and I liked the linked video.
That would be great! If you end up here you should post and we can setup a NW meetup. We could probably setup something equal distances for everyone.
I live in Western WA (Seattle side). It is an awesome place to live but very expensive. Unemployment isn't that high but you need a decent paying job due to cost of living. Not only is rent expensive but so is food, entertainment, etc. So you definitely would want to have a job lined up before moving. Having said that, it is a great place to live and tons of stuff to do. Spokane has more seasons. We have 2 months of summer and the rest is overcast/rainy season. It doesn't actually rain that much but is overcast. You should check out Portland also.
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Jul 18, 2010