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While contemplating a paradox (which just happened to be vis-a-vis religions but just as easily have been What Is The Sound of One Hand Clapping), I came to realize that God is Love. Not 'God is loving', but that God and Love are one and the same. It wasn't so much an understanding of the nature of God as a greatly expanded understanding of Love. Our culture and language are quite limited in concepts and terminology to communicate such realizations, leaving us with poetry and art. And love.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2015 on My Faith: A Confession at Justin Erik Halldór Smith
There's a songbook that might interest you if you can find it - Der Zupfgeigenhansl. Hans Breuer roamed German-speaking Europe prior to WWI, collecting folksongs. They predate Modern German by centuries. The old dialects are fascinating and informative. RayS
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Sep 25, 2010