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Stefan Hayden
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1. I would have said this was inevitable. but I guess that's really only true that google seems to be delivering on their promises. 2. I agree! I feel like games that are truly fun have yet to make it in to facebook.. not that I follow it very closely. 3. hard to refute. probably always true these days. it's hard to see the web 2 or even 4 years out some times. 4. I wonder if we need to wait for japan to get in on this before real dev time is put in to these kinds of games. 5. Joe Danger does look cool. I feel like PS3 is building a real family of games. not sure if it's enough to really save it though.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2010 on 5 things I'm thinking right now at Wonderland
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Jul 6, 2010