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Having known Richard Ashworth since he originally stood for election, I can catagorically say that he has my support and would be superb. He is a quiet, straight-thinking man who very firmly believes that the EU should not have further powers. I think that he also believes strongly that the EU does exist and therefore our nation's interests are best-served by the Conservatives having a strong voice in how it evolves. They are having considerable success in this regard and are well-respected and tend to lead the newer members in a drive to be more accountable, deliver value for money, and be more relevant. Please don't dismiss him as a "Europhile". That is too shallow and simplistic. Most of us view the EU with a huge dollop of scepticism and dislike. Someone with Richard's measured tone and esteem is far more likely to be successful in achieving changes that will benefit Great Britain than someone who creates animosity and derision by being totally negative.
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Good! The usual people will whinge about censorship etc, but they are for the most part those people who find it impossible to comment in a reasonable tone and with any understanding of a differing point of view. As with others above, I suspect this will make the "conversations" more interesting and I am absolutely certain that you won't be curtailing the range of debate or views, but simply cutting out the extremists and the dross
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What about Richard Ashworth? Seems a very level-headed and decent chap. Wonder what those "in the know" think. Not interested in the comments from the rabidly Euro-sceptics. I'm more sceptic than phile but am capable of recognising that the EU and Euro actually exist and we have to work to bend them to our will rather than just bury our heads in the sand..
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Oct 20, 2010