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Stephen Kellar
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I shared the article on facebook and a friend currently in Kabul roger'd up and said it jibes with what he's seeing and hearing from folks in Afgh. Another close friend is embedded as an adviser on females in the Afghan military and has more good than bad to say about the hopefulness of the mission. They're both in the first 1/2 of their deployment, so they may just still be in good morale and not at the hating everyone stage. Here in the rear, me and most of the guys I work with don't even pay too much attention to that part of the theatre since it's not under our authority and they're all old disgruntled staff NCOs and field graders anyway. Our center of gravity has always been our civilian populace and national will. It's lacking right now by a worn out public. I guess they're worn out by guilt or something since they really haven't been asked to sacrifice much, but regardless, they're tired of it---I worry we don't have enough nat'l resolve to finish the job and we'll be back there whacking and stacking in 15 yrs after another attack.
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Sep 28, 2011