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Stephen Shannon
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Rachel, First. We don't hear from you often enough or our "receiving" system is fractured, sadly. Finally, I am more often (at least in our 'hood') stunned by the precociousness and lack of obnoxiousness displayed daily by 2, 3 & 4 year old males and females (no different) who have spur of the moment command of the language and thinking clarity. e.g. "Grandma if you continue to pick up trash you will be trash". This said to grandma who daily walks behind two moms pushing strollers, while she retrieves items strewn about by the unthinking in and around our neighborhood.
Valeria, I hit "preview" and my message vanished? I was asking how I should be receiving my Premium Messages from you as I don't think I have seen any. Have your top people let me know what I am doing wrong as Amazon has confirmed by monthly payment?? Stephen "Steve" Q Shannon Delray Beach FL resumesteve (at) gmail (dot) com
Yes we're "into" the Targeting reverse. We trudge along singing our song to the jobless...the jobhunters...jobseekers...jobsearchers who skip the step of researching what the prospective employer wants so the resume...the cover letter....the profile....the bio sketch is the needs of the prospective employer....recruiter....screener....over-worked human resource operative....hiring firm person. Radical thoughts not often embraced by the unemployed. When adopted...interviews ensue. Stunning. Revolutionary. Doable. Thanks. sQs Delray Beach FL
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Jul 8, 2011