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I'm curious; what happens to the bodies of the homeless, who have no-one at all to pay for a burial ? In a press release issued Friday, the Islamic Society of Greater Richmond said that a "private Virginia citizen" and licensed counselor named Martha Mullen "quietly coordinated efforts to resolve the problem of where to bury Tsarnaev's remains." Has this Martha Mullen been active in securing burial for homeless paupers, or is this just something she reserves for murdering muslim scum, who murdered **her own people** ?
Loony or sane, what kind of human being can be lured into plots to perpetrate mass murder on other human beings ? Answer: Muslims. How many mentally ill Christians, of whatever denomination, how many loony Bhuddists, Hindus, Sikhs, agnostics, atheists, can be inveigled into saying, ''oh, yes, we'd love to bomb and murder innocents; show me how ! Answer: None.
Your knowledge of Hitler is as limited (ie:non-existent) as your knowledge of islam. Among eastern religions, Hitler described religious leaders such as "Confucius, Buddha, and Mohammed" as providers of "spiritual sustenance".[ In this context, Hitler's connection to Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem — which included asylum in 1941, the honorary rank of an SS Major-General, and a "respected racial genealogy" — has been interpreted more as a sign of respect than political expedience. Hitler expressed admiration for the Muslim military tradition and directed Himmler to initiate Muslim SS Divisions as a matter of policy. However, Nazi-era Minister of Armaments and War Production Albert Speer acknowledged that Hitler was only cooperating with Muslim figures, such as al-Husseini, because he felt the antisemitic views they shared would eventually help him win power and influence over the Middle East in the long run. According to Speer, Hitler stated in private, "The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?"
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''The entire Islamic religion is based upon death" No it is not'' Do you actually *know* anything about islam, apart from what your leftard enablers, useful idiots, and sleazily smirking muslim 'friend' tells you ? Why don't you read the Koran, the ahadith, and the earliest known biography of mohammed, and use your critical faculties to judge for yourself ? Or is that too challenging ?
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This leftard dribble is *so* predictable !
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There's no doubt there's an Islamic root to this murder. But my query would be, why just his father ? Why not the whole congregation ? Thank God it **wasn't** the whole congregation, but again, why not ?
!'' You are in dire need for media control, I reckon it will happen not too long from now'' Very Islamic. Yep, shut down freedom of speech, right now ! Too many people are figuring out what islam is all about !! We can't have that !! By the way, how many **Christians** commit crimes **in the name of their religion** ??
I really can't get upset about mohammedans murdering mohammedans. It's what they **do**.
Islamic Cultural Center of Botkyrka, a municipality in Stockholm mostly populated by immigrants, applied almost a month ago to municipal authorities, seeking permission for recitation of the adhan **before Friday prayers** (my emphasis: Jan) through speakers in the minaret of the Fittja Mosque, located within the boundaries of Botkyrka. And how long will it be before they experience the usual muslim 'excitement' of Friday prayers ? Friday, Friday, got to scream, riot, burn and murder on Friday ... Fools.
What gets me about these horrendous acts is that the muslim scum who perpetrate them always seem to have the acid handy. Just in case. This cult is irredeemably evil.
What on earth is *that* supposed to mean ?
**Anyone** can be photographed in an unflattering way. Pamela Geller is an attractive, dynamic woman who tells truths leftards don't want to hear, consequently they are constantly scrabbling for ways to discredit her. The fact that they think an unflattering photo of Ms Geller will somehow discredit what she has to say says an awful lot about the contempt in which they actually hold their readers. ''Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesperson for CAIR, told HuffPost that no second set of My Jihad ads are in the works'' So clearly it has backfired on them. They totally underestimated the intelligence of the public, who refuse to be fooled by their meretricious claptrap about the meaning of jihad. Good.
A US official told AFP that the suspect was unlikely to be part of a broader international terror plot linked to groups such as Al-Qaeda. “It doesn’t appear to be any terrorist nexus at this point,” said the official This woman was clearly one of the unknown (by name) footsoldiers, sent to test out what would actually be *done*, if this had been a real scenario. So now they know. Why isn't she being prosecuted and jailed ? Why the pretence she's 'mentally disturbed' ? (apart from the fact that all muslims are more or less mentally disturbed/mentally confused).
How long will it be before this appalling 'foot in the door' is extended across New York ? And then further ? How long before these little kids will be hypnotically swaying, muttering the koran ? How long before they will be being beaten for not repeating the verses correctly ? Someone needs to *educate* these Harlem parents quickly. This is *not* just another language. This is the language of islam, and it shows how the mohammedans are becoming emboldened by daring to introduce it as *mandatory*. They haven't even dared to do that in my country, the UK, yet ! Am I right in supposing that a lot of people in Harlem are black ? Then they need to be introduced to the passages in the koran where they are referred to as slaves, raisinheads, etc.
Toulouse. Population : 800,000 Muslim pop.: 75,000. Targets: *Jews and soldiers*. Yes. Me too.
@Logdon. Can't agree with you about Hislop - he's a leftist libtard moron who once described the Teaparty Movement as 'listening to the voices inside their heads.' He also trashed Robert Kilroy-Silk for being a 'racist' - Silk had pointed out some of the dangers of islam - he also trashed (or tried to ) the UK1P leader, who, however, being clever than Hislop, held his own. Hislop's a nasty, childish little leftie who's very careful not to target anyone who might hit back logically, hard, and an PC/MC. He reminds me of a sniggering little Etonian 6th former, who thinks he's being *ever* so clever, sophisticated, and satirical.
Well, just typical of muslims and the left - they have no valid counter arguments, so the tactic is to shout down what they can't bear to hear.
That's worthy of the most dhimmified leftist rag in the UK - The Grauniad ! But they would have said : Beheadings raise doubts that the Taliban have hanged ...
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I expect some leftist enabler suggested he might like to write a treatise on how the Bible is so much more *violent* than the qu'ran ...
I'm not American, but I should think anyone who annoys that meretricious little toad Hooper is worth taking a good look at !
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What's in a name ? An al-qaeda by any other name will stink as much. Morons.
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I have no words ( at least words I can use on this forum) to describe my loathing and contempt for that pusillanimous creep Jeff, and that evil b**** Shadia. That poor, poor, faithful loving dog - abandoned after *16 loving, loyal and faithful years* by that pair of scum. If the fools that thought up this pathetic show thought this type of callous cruelty was going to endear muslims to non-muslims, they've sadly miscalculated. I shall pray that Wrigley is located and placed with a decent, loving family for her last years, although she'll probably break her heart anyway, as dogs are so loyal. What was also sickening was the way that Shadia creature was shown patting and fondling and feeding poor Wrigley, and then blithely abandoning her with a smirk. Typical muslim behaviour. But the one I *bitterly* blame is that pathetic excuse for a man, Jeff. No doubt if she tells him to strap on a murder vest and go out and slaughter some kuffar he'll meekly comply. I hope he rots.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on Where's The Doggie? at Atlas Shrugs
They truly are *savages.*
Isn't it interesting, and very *telling*, that the msm, the loony libtard leftists, and *muslims*, immediately assume that the savages referred to are ... *muslims* ? Goodness, I really wonder why.
Long live Israel !
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