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Stephanie Scarci
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Well, yinz, it’s that time of year again – back to school we go! After enjoying my vacationing around Europe from my work/vacation, I’ve already had my first and second weeks working at my school in Spain. As someone that has never been outside of the states besides on vacation... Continue reading
Hi all! I decided to combine my third and fourth week into one post because my third week was spent in the forever beautiful Mykonos, Greece and my fourth week was spent preparing for the reason I am here: my teaching job! It has been a hectic few weeks, but... Continue reading
Hola a todos! Week 2 is under my belt (well, a little more than week 2, but I have good reasons) and I’m feeling more and more settled in. I have apartment, a bank account, a Spanish phone number, and a job for the next 10 months. The weather has... Continue reading
Hola from España! It’s hard to believe it is only the end of week 1 because it has felt like a month since I’ve left home to pursue this new adventure! Getting settled into a completely different city while assimilating to the time and language difference has been quite the... Continue reading
Hola! I'm Stephanie Scarci, a teacher and blogger for the 2016-2017 Teach in Spain program, and this is my first post for my blog - Stephanie in Spain! Continue reading
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Feb 25, 2016