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I realizing I'm posting 3 years later but I wanted to point out that I don't agree Perfume's music had gone down the tubes in 2011 (JPN era) but that their label had horrible taste in picking what should be the singles. To these ears "Kokoro No Sport", "Have a Stroll" and "575" are the best JPN songs by a long shot ("575" has a PV of course, but was never released as a CD single). Plus, those songs are towards the end of the album, and it's kind of the golden rule to put at least 1 of the best songs at the beginning. This problem seems to have greatly improved since, with Level 3 (although "Furikaeru To Yru Yo" (track 8, the reggae sounding one) is a much better song than "Spending All My Time" in my opinion. "Spring of Life" was a great choice for a single though, as was "1mm" (was 1mm an actual single? or just a PV like "575'?) The problem of choosing the single surfaced again with "Cling Cling" though. It's pretty obvious from comments online that everyone likes "Ijiwaru na Hello" the best, but apparently the label thought it should be the only track of the 4 not to get a PV made for it. As far as Capsule goes, I'd be curious to know what people who didn't like Player or World of Fantasy thought about Caps Lock! I happen to like every album Capsule has released and have no criticisms to add, but I am glad Toshiko appears to have a bigger role on Wave Runner (which doesn't come out for a couple months yet, as I write this).
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Dec 14, 2014