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First I'd like to say thank you to Mrs. Rowe for doing this giveaway and also thank you to Kylie for always finding these awesome shop owners to do amazing giveaways! I always love hearing stories of parents that left a full time job to pursue a true passion! My first (and so far only child) is 14 months old and I have been reading tons of Montessori books (just finished reading Montessori Read and Write after seeing it on the blog) and this is also my favorite blog! Well I wouldn't say I believe strictly in Montessori (I have a lot of "unschooling" type beliefs as well) I do feel such a connection with it because the way it fosters independence, confidence, exploration, and self-guidance in children! I believe that our mainstream school system in America is soooooo the opposite of those ethos. I'm a stay-at-home mom on a very strict budget (we are so ridiculously broke right now) and my dream of having our son go to a Montessori school will more than likely not happen, but I'd like to find a way to homeschool him using Montessori materials and methods, so these giveaways, the inspiration from the blog and homemade ideas mean the world to me! Anyways thanks again! Well I could get lost on your site forever but right now one of my favorites are the geometric puzzle board! I like the idea that grasping the round knobs will help get his hand accustomed to holding a writing utensil and we could use it to talk about shapes and colors too! Also I think it would be wonderful if you had short, precise descriptions for what the material was intended to help develop. Of course schools would already know this and some Montessori parents, but even parents who haven't researched Montessori at all yet could benefit from knowing what the thought process behind the toy is.
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Heidi Kenney is my favorite crafter! I'm doing a 1st b-day party for my son this weekend and theme is gnomes and mushrooms based on her designs! I'd love to have her book and some of her beautiful fabrics. Thanks for doing the fun giveaway!!!
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Dec 1, 2011