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Hey, we ALL know that global warming causes global cooling. Oh, it must be from man-made CO2 from burning fossil fuel. Perhaps humans were put on this earth to recycle the carbon buried beneath the earth during the Carboniferous Era? Alas, humans are gullible. Remember, like it or not, the German people were gullible enough to allow the rise of Hitler, with his propaganda , demonizing and big lies. Detect a similar pattern here?
She also put up the insulting 1 million pledge for the previous floods, so this insult is no accident. Very telling that she gives vastly more to other nations than the one she is sworn to serve.I hope Queenslanders remember this if/when there is another election. So much for the myth that Labor cares. Still unbelievable that 45 % of the population fall for the BS of this band of traitors.
Mark Dreyfus is Jewish, so he is entitled to make Nazi comments.By this same logic, anyone Jewish is entitled to make Nazi comments about Labor and the Greens without the brouhaha. The Liberals have a Jewish MP-Josh Freydenburg(Kooyong). He can quite rightfully hit them with Nazi comments with impunity and point out the similarities in tactics between Gillard and the Nazis as well as the core belief similarities between the Greens and Nazis. If Pyne recants, as he has, then Josh and other Jews are entitled to rip in to Labor and expose their totalitarian tendencies. Ever note that those who jump up and down are the ones with something to hide? I am looking forward to a flood of Nazi comments made by Jews with impunity to expose Labor and the Greens. Bring it on!
I went to a talk a couple of years ago which cited research with a group where conditions were made easier and easier for the "free riders" aka bludgers. At a certain point, productivity crashed to zero ie the "altruists" in the group had enough and downed tools(effectively a full on middle class revolt). There was a bit of a rebound as the altruistic members of the group returned partially to work, but the production only returned to 25 % of its former level and NEVER returned to its former glory. In effect, this "society" had been PERMANENTLY and IRREVOCABLY destroyed. Empires in the past have risen, became complacent and subsequently collapsed NEVER to return to their former glory. Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mongol the collapsed empires mount. The sun is setting rapidly on our current civilization due to the policies of Socialist governments.When the End comes, it will not be pretty. Just how far backwards will humanity revert? The ultra Greens behind the whole show regard dams, agriculture and private ownership of property as unsustainable practices. Obviously, this sort of destroyed infrastructure cannot possibly support our current 7 billion population, let alone the magic 500 million bandied about by a number of excessively influential groups. Could it be that the human race becomes extinct due to selective breeding of unproductive members just for their votes and the power derived from these votes? An indictment on a species that at its peak was able to leave the planet but so shortly afterwards succumbed to misguided sympathy towards those that do not contribute and treated them to undeserved privileges. God would NOT be amused.
41% still vote for these traitors. Tells you how many welfare types, public servants who do not want to bite the hand that feeds them, die hard trade unionists, Labor Party members and idealistic fools sucked in by the "for the little man" line are still out there, oblivious to the treachery that befalls them.I reckon that a lot of these idiots would still vote for them even when the Fabian plot is finally revealed from the ashes of our destroyed society. These idiots should not be allowed to vote.
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May 9, 2012