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Jeremy Stersky
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how comethe latest comment is from April 3, 2009? Am I missing the most recent comments on this blog? How do I see comments from 2011 & 2012? anyway, I welcome you to check out my blog as well it's . It's pretty darn cool. Take a look ...
if I remember when the word chillax emerged, if you must have been in my really late teens or my early 20s. Good times. Another great word is dauber - used for bingo - take a look at this great post - or bingo room it's pretty darn cool :-)
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if I have to agree with the comment made by Ross on 21 September 2008. So many of the poster about your appearance and not about your dissertation. Perhaps you'd like to read about like what I've been doing as well – online bingo that's my online gaming site it's pretty neat. Take a look.
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I do a lot of design for my online website so I can appreciate quality of your artistic flair. And also you're welcome to take a look at my new site It's got a lot of creative energy running through the very heart of it so go for it. Enjoy! :-)
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Aug 4, 2011