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The XDs are in at one of the near-Seattle WalMarts as well. Nice packaging, too.
Life of Brian... Always look on the bright side of life...
I'm on the Rent side as well. I understand why companies feel the need to use DRM to protect their products, but I don't see a reason to buy films digitally while they are DRM'd. While these films are DRM'd, it feels as though "purchasing" a movie is really just renting them; with the rental due date being when the company no longer is in business, the company decides to change their licensing terms and/or when my computer dies and is replaced more times than the license allows.
I've used WatchNow for the last couple months and think it's worth the price (free). I've used it both at home to watch a movie I might not otherwise have delivered. And, it's handy when I can start a documentary or an old favorite up at work to listen to while I'm busy. The biggest gripe I have is with selection. It's very limited. It doesn't seem to be growing fast enough, either. I've also found the selection to be odd within a series. In the case of one TV series, Dead Like Me, they have both seasons available via WatchNow, but the pilot (you know... the freakin' first episode) isn't available via WatchNow.