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Why all the cries in this forum.Does a Nigerian have no Right to became the President of Cameroon.??? Have you people look at the Cameroon Constitution before reflecting on the remarks above?.Have you asked yourself what its takes to became a Cameroonian. Africa get up from your sleep.The Constitution is a guiding force in any Nation,once you became a cameroonian by any means the sky is no limit.You give the chance for dubious politicians to expliot you.No wonders some Cameroonains born by both parents from Cameroon abroad are refused visa to visit their Father Land. Please try and stop this sort of discrimination. Respect your constitution
The exercise is as important as the Record or report from a UB students. What is needed for precision is the different numbers of reports from the students, Government officials and maybe NGOs. What is essential for accuracy is how these data are compare and computed. The issue here is that the Government like painting the country Red when its about to take just a significant simple project in short when she is about to work. If the country was at least Organized as proposed by communal liberalism of the Yesterday Biya this issue would have been as simple as doing a Daily Duty. The Fragile and failing Brain of Biya can take a look at his publication a few years ago and see how Deviated his practiced have been from his theory. As for the money being swindle or data being corrupted or manipulated, can be exposed by Reports from other quarters(Students, NGOS, or Even Professors).
Can any one help me to tell me where to get this book.I will be delighted to buy it.
I belief judging from readers respond they are more lively to react to trivial issues that gives them excuses to elude Reasoning beyond Cameroon. Such issues include human rights and government responds to crack down on it or to aid tribalism and corruption. When it comes to real issues of creativity, strategic thinking, the table is turn around and silence or non participation implies the responsibilities of the Less unfortunate Government officials as politician have Label them Biya's Government. People here makes me tend to belief that the private sector is of no use as much as the government is in existence or that they can contribute to Cameroon only when they are part of Biya's Government. Its rather unfortunate that the forerunners of this ideology are member of the main oposition political party(case in sdf) as well as some so call well educated western Cameroonians, who through one reason or the other are out of favors of the government or are seeking greener pastures in the west. The case above have been proven in most standard text books. George Owen in his Animals farms explain how these pigs(Government officials eating on tax payer Sweat) eats on apples tends to forget the Reasons of a Revolution. And when it concern apples or so they are all bound to sin when eaten, and the luxury of the sin will only give them ample excuse to stay in power for life. This is what I see when power changes hand just a case from Amadou A to the Brilliant Biya who came to power or John Fru Ndi ability to stay till death do him path. I will not forget the Western Educated who seems to be chasing the apple rather exploring all venues to strip the country out of its present predicament. Such I presume is the cause of silence on this forum.
Green Card and Other Realities in USA. (A word to a wise is sufficient) Before coming to the United States of America no one told you “life is hard in Yankee.” I bet no one told you. And even if someone had told you, you wouldn’t have believed his or her counsel. Would you? Indeed for the vast majority of Africans, no one told us the truth about how difficult, complex and discouraging life in this country can be. No one told of how America messes with people’s mind. No one told us how this country tests ones faith. Of how this country can transform one’s essence, for good or for bad. We are willing to sell our soul to come to this country. We are willing to fake this or that document to come to this country. We are willing to commit slight or significant transgressions to come to this country. We are willing to leave our familiar lives for the unknown in America. And those of us who were “somebody” in our departing countries are willing to come to America and start afresh as “nobody.” The pull of this country is so great that the vast majority can’t think of a life without living in the United States. A medical doctor in Lesotho would rather come to America to be a Certified Nursing Assistant; a Togolese trained lawyer would rather come to America to be a paralegal; a Ghanaian trained bank manager would rather come to America to be a grocery store clerk or security officer; a Namibian trained geologist would rather come to America to be a gas station attendant. A Nigerian lady would rather come to America to marry her dish-washing lover rather than marry a promising civil servant based in Akure or Enugu. Such is the lure and allure of America that twenty percent or more of the continent’s population would migrate to the US if allowed. People come to America for different reasons. We succumb to different pull-push factors that include religious or ethnic persecution or displacement as a result of war or natural disasters. Some came because of the possibility of better education, employment and economic stability. Some came because their home countries offered no hope for a better tomorrow. And indeed, the reasons for migration are endless. But unfortunately, most of us leave home without knowing what we are getting ourselves into; all we know is that there must be a “better life yonder.” Whether one fails or succeeds depends on several factors, and some of these factors are, for the most part, completely beyond ones control. There are those who have tried and tried and tried without success or success came at a painfully slow pace -- while some seems to have the golden-touch, especially in the acquisition of the Alien Registration Card (popularly known as the Greencard). Life in America without a Greencard? Ha! I have witnessed grown men weep over Greencard. I have witnessed grown men and women lose their minds after being turned down by the immigration services. I have witnessed men and women, who are otherwise intelligent and rational, do the unthinkable over Greencard. The Greencard process is akin to going to war: you must “know thy enemy,” you must have a strategy, you must be patient and at the same time be aggressive; and by all means there must be no paper-error during the entire process. All supporting documentations must be “clean and clear,” and submitted in a timely manner. There are those who stroll into the United States of America with Greencard in their possession, i.e. the so-called greencard lottery winners. How fortunate they must be! While a great many Africans have to suffer through years of immigration palaver, these lottery winners just stroll into the country as though they own America. How lucky they must be not to have to go through some of the indignities and iniquities that are associated with the process. You weep when the immigration officers rejects your application. You weep when the officer tells you “you will be investigated.” You shiver when the officer tells you your papers are not in order. You weep when your significant other refuses to show up for the joint interview. You weep when within a few days or weeks before the interview your significant other tells you he/she has had a change of mind or that he/she suspects you are “no good and of no use.” You weep when things that ought not to go wrong go abysmally wrong. And you die a dozen times when you get a deportation order. In such moments you pray for seven days and seven nights. You remember all the sins you’ve committed and then go to confession. You fast for forty days and forty nights. You give offerings and pray for INS-mercy. Most people will suddenly become born-again Christians and at the same time send messages to their folks back home to consult with the Imam, the Babalawo or the head of their alternate religious faith for fortune to smile on them. They will give to God and to the gods and to Caesar. Whatever it takes folks; whatever it takes! War is war and you go to war with whatever you have! I have no qualms offending God. I really don’t; but to offend the tax office, the police, or the immigration folks? Please don’t! That would be suicidal. No matter what you do, please be honest with those folks. Otherwise, they will turn your life upside down. They will make your life a living hell. Yet, they also could be your best friends. And in fact, make them your best friend. To start with, no tax frauds; no trying to outmaneuver the immigration folks; and no drugs, no credit card or insurance fraud or other prosecutable offenses. And by God, do whatever it takes to stay away from child support mess; otherwise, your life will be on hold for 17-years, as month after month, year after year 20-35% of your net income will be withheld. Some of the newly arrived Africans are taken aback by the concept of tax and other deductions. A few will resist the idea of going to work on Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays; but with time, most will beg to work on such days. Ha, the power of the dollars! And then there are those things most Africans back in Africa take for granted, for instance, how to talk to and interact with women in the workplace without running afoul of sexual harassment laws; and when to stop when a woman says “stop!” even in the heat of passion, without running afoul of rape laws. Before the end of your sojourn in this country -- be it five, ten, fifteen or twenty years be sure to acquire an American education. If you are into the social science, be sure to earn at least a master’s degree or its equivalent. Otherwise, get a marketable technical skill or natural/hard science education. And please stay away from driving cabs unless of course you absolutely have to (in times of financial crisis). Why? Because driving cab is one of the most addictive jobs there is in this country. Yes, some cabdrivers own the cab they drive or own a fleet of cars and are therefore businessmen. They have the money and live a comfortable life. Generally speaking however, a good number of those who drive cabs will keep at it for upward of ten or more years without evidence of financial mobility. Most cab drivers will tell you they have a master’s degree in this or that field and yet seem stuck driving cabs. It is a dead-ender. Don’t get stuck with life. Don’t get stuck in or with anything. Live a wonderful life. And please remember not to live and die in America. “But of course, not everybody cares about how and where they die; not everybody cares whether they die amongst strangers or among loving faces; not everybody care whether they die in a stormy weather or atop a mountain. Death is death. But to the extent that you care, it is better to die among friends and family. If you lived all your productive life in this country, you are likely to end up in a nursing home amongst strangers; you are likely to die alone and lonely and be buried in a cemetery with unknown ghostly faces. Even the earth and the worms and the moisture will wonder about you. You will not be acknowledged. You will not be celebrated. Your life would have been in vain, meaningless. So, please die an African death…with dignity.” By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde
Dr Odine Epie. Your argument against French neo-colonazation is substantive.By your secessional reasoning you have fail to reconised that all of Africa is still in the dark. No one country in Africa can boast of industralization or even entering in to it.Not even Nigeria the Gaint of Africa and English Speaking. Lets be Candid simple because one takes refuge of some sort in an English country , or was colonized by it doessn't makes the French "Evil" and the English "Just Bad".Both are Birds of Same feather "neo-colonizer". As much as we come to realized that our problems are party due to the West and Mostly due to our inability to understand ourself , seek for unity inoder to overcome them,We will remain slaves to the West. Tell Africa Dr Odine that one way to get out of is for africa to shares her resources. Africa Unite.
Mr Historian if the Germans had their way what would have become of this territories?? Why should your reasons of sessesion be justisfied by the wrongs of icolonization.Where was the boundaries of Cameroon and any other african states long before the Europeans invaded us and made us slaves.How can you use the bundaries map out by the europeans as a base for your Argument. Its keeps on worrying me and makes me cry when you see yourselves as anglo-saxons or Anglophones and your brothers as francophones.The prefix shows you are still a slave to the english and the French. If your claim is that the french are using your own brothers to supressed you.Why cann't you develope the Ideas and technics to educate your brothers that he is being manipulated by the french.Instead you have chose to eliminate him or cutoff simply because you are suffering from thesame syndrome(Anglophonie). My Brothers I will keep on the clarion call untill you understand that your own ego is highly been manipulated by neocolonalism and neocolonalism . Take a look at yourself and free it.Then you will be able to free your brothers. Africa Unite Long live Africa
Sir, I wish to thank you soo much for bringing to light what history have bestowed for us.I am a Cameroonian student in Germany and I come from Mudemba-Ndian Division not far from where the Bakassi penisular is. For years I have tried to look into textbooks from cameroon,question some of my elders to know what happen, where and when but to noavail.There area of the Penisular is a historical black hole to the people of that area.Opinium are greatly differnts and divided among the people since most of the historical facts are within reach of the people.This I understand is the working of the British and UN as well as both Governments who seems to be doing their own business without the full participation of the Local people. Once again thanks.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2005 on Introducing Nowa Omoigui at Nowa Omoigui
Those of you who doubt the credibility of the Fru Ndi Overseas account alligation without looking for an investigation about it should not be awed by Fru Ndi action and his supporters.What I belief Ni Fru is trying to do is to hold on as chair man of the party so as to contain any investigation about his past actions.This types of character just potray who most african leader are.They know that if taken out their power all their looted and secret funds will be exposed.Same goes with Paul Biya and most of his supporters. Its now time to check this and stop it.
African politics once in power always in power.Thats what is happening in the rest of the continent how can military coup not be justisfied in some cases in history. I belief it was the dawn of a modern era when multipatism was introduce with the of the barrel of the Gun and a State of emergency in Cameroon in the early 90s.Can the Political leaders remember how many people lost their lives trying to protect and sees that democracy is on the Right road?. 15 years after these leaders have betrayed our trust, the have refused to value the sacrifices of the death,the lost property ,the divied families and friends.They have plunder our resources, abuse our rights and keep us in abject poverty. No no no 15 years is too long to wait for miracle to come now its time we take action back to the street to demand these leaders stepdown.Both Ni-Fru Nid and Paul biya.
Mokolo thanks for pointing out my errors.I was either too fast reading or writing.But once again thanks for it. As you suggest just as I do that 15% is a very large number to talk of in 9 years. The Education of the people reflect the ecomomy of that country and vice versa.And judging from all the polices the Government are implementing its only show how illitrate the policy designers in this country are and reflect the overall potential of the peoples knowledge. The question James wenong pointed out potray that the Government have never even see the cover of an economic text book.They have also arogantly make it clear that they can push any poilcy by riding it on the back of a tiger or with the barrel of the gun. I didn't knew the Gun was loaded,or how did I find myself inside the stomach of my Tiger will be the government epitaph on its grave yard not far from the nearest future.
Cameroon again why the discrepancy in the figues given above? 75% in 2006 against 40% in 1997 which leave me with a 35% difference growth within 11 years???.Who can belief such a figue after the hell of economice crisis thats battling us.Who is paying for it?. Come clear with figues and statistics and stop tell us politics. we need to know How many children age 3-5 got to the nursery,how many didnot. How many boys and girls completed the primary school, secondary school as well as community schools. Cameroon Government officials We are tired of hearing your words of growth without reality on the grown. Prove it????????????????????????
JB Samba of all,JB Samba the almighty of minds. I must be living in yaounde in constant strugle with Cameroon worries and more infected with your "Stockolm sydrome".Sitting on the spot and fighting(revolting) to share love with others. I haven't left the country or ran away like a coward but braced the oppressor face to face,understanding his tactics and learn more how to change him. WHY didn't your Martin Luther of all Never asked for a Complete Repartation of Africans Back to their MotherLand or FatherLand at that time??.You the greatest of Minds(never narrow in any Issues)can Tell US Why???.This could have sounds like Secession and Going back to their rightful place where they Belong.After all it was the white Man who Carry them there so he should have taken them back.(thats is history and fact that you find pleasure to take refuge in). Can you really tell me if the Black Man in USA is 100%free compare to the white?? A fact that Hurrican Katarina exposed. I will have to say that same sydrome is keeping Bushfallers in Bush,they are Happy to lived at the edge of the economy in the west than the corrupt society which they elud in Africa.Which is worht fighting for JB Samba??. African Unite so that we maybe able to get out of the economic "stockolm syndrome" that have soo far incapacitates our very way of thinking.I pray to Jah that our brothers and sisters who are at the forefront of this syndrome(Notably those in Europe and America) will come and join us so as to increase the force to overide the burden off Africa. Once again. Africans Unite.Start it from Home Start it from CAMEROON: (JB samba if you will like to know more about me send me a mail at .I don't find pleasure in being popular not even as to us it for assylum papers).
MM I must be suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome".That is true and correct. But do you realized that it was such a syndrome that have give you the chance to lived in the USA as a free man.Take a look at History; Martin Luther Jr had an acute stage of this syndrome he didn't only develope the affection to the oppressors (White Racist) at that time but he show them how to love, He taught people how to demostrate peacefull at the barrel of the Gun. Not to flee from it in seeking of Greener pasture ,or refuge else where. And then what happen, it work, better and best than any politics can do and it will move through out time. Amen.Why try to build castel in the Air when there are better workable ways to do it on the Earth??. I think we Cameroonian should start to throw away the complexities in which we look at things and know that what is workable is simple and free. Get Back to Cameroon and teach people(the oppressors) how to love and rule, to live a true and simple life and see for yourself how much change you will impact on the people. Come join us in Africa to make the continent a place to BE.
SCNC is gradually moving from right to left changing to CNCS ( Cameroon Nationals of Crooks and secessionist).At last the story of stollen victory or rigged election is now discounted with the fact that "During the UN held plebiscite of February 11, 1961, a majority of Southern Cameroonians voted for re-unification with French Cameroon in the East".Thus my Late Grand father Vote and mom is now spared.I must rejoiced for democracy. At thesame time I am not rulling out the fact that there are some elements of marginalization of some sort in Cameroon.But then how can we look at our equals african brothers as colonial maters??.There is a lot the English provinces of Cameroon can get from the governtment far more that the GCE Board and University of Buea if they fight their way with one voice.There are some leason our brother of the french have learn from us.We need to stand up with one voice and stir the country towards its part of civilazation through dialouge and peaceful demostrations.
Such an information is not new to Africa, or even to Cameroon.What is new is that African leaders haven't learn a lesson that when they fall out of favour from the West like the Late Mboutu Sese Seko all of the money and wealth is frozen in Western Banks. This is the Vicious cycle that will always keep Africans in darkness.Same amount of money that is Loaned to the government of Cameroon,as well as the intrest goes back to the west.There is physicological torture thats is spinning and killing Africans. Tell me if money loan as captial for the production of goods and servicing of debts is instead ploy back but to the western Banks where then is the economics of production and growth. Another factor is that the people of Africa are a catalyst to this mess.Their appeitite for western goods and laziness compound the whole matter.The other part of it is that there will never be a Rat(Politician) put into a bag of Ground-nuts(government) who will not figure out how large to fill his stomach.Should we accept that this stomach filling exercise should have boundaries and of course allow our ill fate politicians to put this money back to our economy??. Such boundaries I am talking of is not only stopping looting because in all over the world it has not been stopped.It should be discourage it in all form through laws that punish severely people who transfere this huge sum out of the country.Deal could be reach with people who invest their loot in the country and so save Capital while we keep on paying to the west the intrest.
If we are what you mean then Ndiks by all respect and defination you and the so call SCNC are Terrorist.They should be no way forward but to elimate you all. The only way to Bring progress to the Country and the continent is through dialouge and Unity.Not by banishing people as colonizers and Ruthless frog Domination.
Man this is a "Conspiracy Theory".whona chop wona adoro left we for Payee oh.Any Right thinking person who want change or to Liberate will not be sitting in USA and advocating for it.He will be here in Cameroon and fighting for it. We all understand the HEAD wey whona di play for USA inoder to get asylum money.We also understand that Adoro don di trong since they have been string of messures to curb immigrants especially from Africa. Don`t be building Castel in the Air men.Come and face reality.
Stanley I am in 100% in suport of you.What I see here is that SCNC have been political with its Ideas partly telling the truth and hoping to make future gains of its own just like it predecessor.Cameroonian of all conners of the Triangle is in The Governmet shit and need get out of it. I read from Randy about states men like Albert Mukong, JN Foncha, ST Muna, AN Jua, where is E.M.L Endely?? why try to hide a State man with Great Vission and give credits to Gambler like Albert Mukong, JN Foncha, ST Muna, AN Jua.They traded us for their selfish ambitions only after 30 of deception and shame did they decide to turn around to save their faces.And for what purpose??.They are not fighting for any Cameroonian cause, not for the southwest and Northwest provinces. I am from the southwest province and I will fight to save the Unity vote my Late grand father and mother cast on that day.I will not fail to mention that my dady was a stunch supporter of Endely and did say no(his vote) on that day but he has respected the out come of the vote till date.