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Steve Wilson
Interests: Paganism,Women,Druidry,Sci-Fi,Occultism,MoreWomen,Buffy
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I guess you young 'uns can't really appreciate the development of the Time Lords. When they were first introduced, at the end of Patrick Troughton's stint, they came as a complete surprise. Up until then, although the Doctor had made it clear that he wasn't from Earth, the idea of Time Lords was not on anyone's list of theories. The thing is that the Time Lords have NEVER been viewed sympatheticaally. They were cold and unforgiving to Troughton and Pertwee, and a load of antiquated fools in the Tom Baker days. For the Doctor to have fought for them only makes sense with the enemy being the Daleks, the Doctor is, after all, a rebel. Until Ecclestone the idea was that he was an outcast, not a sole survivor. It should also be pointed out, I think, that the idea of the Time Lords not being human only occurred with Pertwee. The idea of a hospital discovering his blood was of an unknown type and that he had two hearts was anyway only semi-original - a TV series about an alien on Earth had already done the blood-type thing. If RTD does find a way to undo the Time War he's therefore going to have to do an awful lot to make me care.
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A great episode for sure, but the casting of Catherine Tate as Donna has obscured a rather important point, Donna is Rose Tyler. No, she doesn't look like Rose, but she is a feisty working class under-achiever who lives with her Mum and has a stage-school London accent, albeit North rather than East. This means that the dynamic between her and the Doctor is going to seem very familiar. For one thing, in spite of her protestations, I am sure that she is going to fall for him, if she hasn't already and merely doth protest too much. I wrote many moons ago that Martha Jones could be the Sarah-Jane to Rose's Jo. Someone a bit posh would have been different, someone foreign or even alien could have been different, but instead we are being given more of the same. Luckily, the same is brilliant.
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