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I believe it is 'Y'. I live in SE KY and I use both 'Y' and 'why.' They sound different when I use them. If I say "why," it's a little like blowing a bit of air out while forming the "wh" sound with my lips. When I say something and use "Y," it a sounds just like that sound of "Y." As in saying "YMCA." Some people do shorten "why" into "Y" though when using "why." Depending on their version of the local mountain dialect. See y'all later! ;)
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Great web site, I just stumbled across it!! I live in SE Kentucky and ate "shucky beans" all my childhood (I'm in my 40's now). They were usually reserved for a "treat" side dish in the Fall and Spring, especially for holiday meals and pot-luck dinners. I have also heard them called "leather britches," usually by the older folk. It seems everyone has a recipe for drying them! I last raised a big garden in 1996 but this year my mother and I are sharing one. I plan to dry some beans since we are getting a pretty good harvest of one type, the Valentino bush bean. Not sure how they will taste dried. Our half-runners harvest is miniscule and a row of "greasy beans" haven't produced any yet. Maybe the very dry weather (drought) we have been having! But the Valentino bush beans are doing well! I got the seed from Mennonites through the extension office. Anyway, last time I dried them (and it was white half runners in 1996), removed the strings, broke them and layed them on a sheet in the back window of an extra car I had that I rarely used. I have been told that direct sunlight was best. I believe I would move them around on the sheet every few days and crack the car windows during days when it didn't rain just for some air flow. I also threaded some with needle and thread and hung them up outside on the porch (I had also broke those up in about 1 inch pieces. Both methods worked pretty well. After they dried (can't remember how long, but probably a couple weeks or so), I just put them into Mason Jars and put lids on them. That's all I did. I believe that later, right before i cooked them, I soaked them for some time, maybe a few hours at least. (I would always suggest removing the strings good though before drying since bean strings never taste good - whether fresh or dried!! I remember they cooked up good and tasted great in the fall. A great addition to the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal!! They will not produce as much as fresh beans do due to the drying. I am only guessing but I would say the drying cuts the volume by one-third to one-half, so a pound of fresh beans might only make a half-pound of Shucky beans - just a guess. Shucky beans used to be quite common around these parts, but it seems fewer people grow gardens anymore and many who do don't go through the work of canning, freezing or drying the foods they grow and many young people don't know what they are, even around here. About all the older people are familiar with them though. Even if you can beans and freeze them, I would suggest drying some just to see how your experience turns out. Like I said, if they turn out, they make a great side dish for fall and spring holiday meals or a popular dish to take to your church meal or family gathering. (Note: I have read some places that if you dry them outside in the open air, to "pastuerize" them before cooking to kill any bugs or germs. You can google this but I believe it was setting oven temp to bake LOW, spreading beans on a cookie sheet, using something to keep the oven door propped open a few inches to keep the beans from cooking and keep the beans in the oven for so many minutes in the pre-heated oven. I don't remember the exact time - you can google it. I've never heard of the ole-timers doing this and I haven't done it so don't know if it's worth it or not. I would think a good thorough soaking then the cooking would be enough.) (You CANNOT do this in a microwave oven! It will cook the bean, or burn them if they are not in water!
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Jul 17, 2012