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Yikes. I wonder what will happen if or perhaps when folks start suing fast-food and other purveyors of nasty hot death. If there's one thing we Americans seen to like more than willfully destroying ourselves in the name of pleasure, it surely has to be our love of suing one another for problems we generally create ourselves. Nice article, Deb. Except now I want a doughnut.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2012 on Be Careful What You Wish For at RepMan
This is great; any chance we might see Mick Cody on the 2016 national ticket? Have your formed an advisory committee to sort of, well sniff the wind as it were?
Steve, Re: - now that's funny. Well we three Ted, yourself and I certainly defined our success on the trip to visit QS, remember the Ritz?
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on You da man! at RepMan
It’s a delicate thing to redefine success. As a Gen Xer, the original slackers, our very character as a generation was pre-defined for us by the Boomer generation. Honestly following the Boomers is a lot like following the marauding hoard of an army, picking through the desolate remains of a battlefield for bare subsistence. The Boomers are, quite literally a hard act to follow. But so what, life can and should be challenging and I think it can be a dangerous habit to redefine success if we do it solely because we cannot or will not rise to the challenges life presents us. Several months ago a NYT headline caught my eye describing how many thousands less American are living below the poverty line. “Wow!” I thought, isn’t that great and encouraging. I should have left it at the headline but, no I had to read the damn article and ruin my Wow. First graph in to the article I realized it was placed by our Commander in Chief’s PR machine and as I made my way through the myriad self-serving platitudes it became clear there were not fewer poor people in America struggling to survive. The administration had redefined the metrics for being poor. It’s all well and good to be fulfilled as a person and strike a balance between work and fun, I don’t think these things were ever off the table of success – think about how much money it can cost to have fun. Being realistic about goals and objectives also seems like a good idea but redefining success based on a challenge or obstacle set before us; I do not think helps anyone, including those doing the redefining.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2012 on You da man! at RepMan
Steve, I remembered reading this article last month by Kurt Anderson in Vanity Fair. He claims we've been in a cultural stagnation rut for the last 20 years. It seems to me for the last 20 years the personal technology has been inwardly and solo focused - we've spent all this time in front of our computers first alone and unconnected and then surfing solo without much ability to interact - It's my hope that with a more socialized environment we will see a corresponding cultural rebirth. Here's hoping for a little more innovation moving forward.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2012 on Commoditizing a commodity with comedy at RepMan
Steve, do you think there is anything to the argument that we see we so much imitation in all facets of business and, I'd argue culturally as well, because our leaders are more followers. The reason being there is safety and predictably in doing the same thing over and over again. Innovation is risky, expensive and not well suited to forward looking earnings statements and planning processes. Sure if it works you're a hero but, woe to they who step outside the boundaries and fail. Just a thought. Steve
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2012 on Commoditizing a commodity with comedy at RepMan
You'll appreciate this Steve, from our past; the SEALs have a saying, "Reputation is everything." It's a good guiding principle for our business (or any business) as well. Of course they also say, "The only easy day was yesterday," which all too often turns out to be true.
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