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Steve Barber
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Thats an Awesome Story Jimbo The Northeast is full of stories like that its to bad that all of the scumbags that live here now aren't of the same Ilk
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2014 on Someone You Should Know- MG John Stark at BlackFive
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Jul 25, 2012
Bruce as one of you and Kevin's biggest Fans I'm going to miss you Both I often Text ed the Show as RetVet I am a Retired 11B NCO who had the Good fortune to serve In Between Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan I would like to thank you and Kevin for recognizing the soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Marines who's actions you Brought to life on Sunday nights. And if for anything you showed how Ordinary people can do Amazing things and for the most part these were all Kids who a few years prior Biggest worry was who they were bringing to the prom People don't realize the true quality of today's young men and women They like all in the past have Heeded the call and to have supporters like you and Kevin publicizing the fact really made me feel good as well as my Vietnam Vet older Brother and I'm sure as well as my Deceased Vietnam Vet Older Brother if he could have been here to hear it. I don't know what I'll be listening to on Sunday Nights but But I'm happy I can come here or Pundit Review to hear these Stories Thank You Guys
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I had the pleasure of meeting Tim on a couple of occasions, his younger brother being my next door neighbor. He was a kid who really seemed to get it, meaning he wasn't like any other ring knocker that I had ever met or served under you could tell he was going to be good. I listen to McQ every Sunday night on the radio and was so surprised to be reading this tribute on Black 5 I'm glad though to many of our fallen to most are just a name and a number Seeing Tim's picture will always bring to mind how I busted his chops while he was pushing a mower around his brothers yard. He was a great Kid.
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Mar 10, 2012