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I am on the text bandwagon, increasingly moving more into the messaging space (WhatsApp and the like). But I guess my only comment about Email v Text is to raise a question. At any given time during the week how many unread emails do you have? A dozen? Twenty? Fifty? A million? Then once you answer that, check how many unread text messages you have. I bet you have none. The read/response rates on texts are astronomical compared to email. That doesn't mean texting is somehow or always superior to email, but for the use case where you want/need an answer fast - texting is #1 for me.
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"We don't hire brokers here, we train new ones." (totally NSFW or really anywhere else)
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I will play the Google side on this for a second. I think you could make a (weak) argument that having real and meaningful competition will make them better themselves. If you scoop up all the talent for yourselves, maybe they get complacent, maybe without enough external challenges they lose the edge. Ali only became Ali after the Frazier trilogy.
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Jan 18, 2010