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Seems like Romm dismisses the idea of the northern gateway pipeline taking it to China because of political opposition. I wonder how many native americans would be affected by that pipeline. There are about 130,000 aboriginals in British Columbia. I'm going to make a rough guess that 10,000 would be affected and entitled to some sort of compensation. The pipeline would carry, in round numbers, 200 million barrels per year. Given the current and expected prices of oil, the producers could easily afford to pay a $5 per barrel royalty to the tribes. That is $100,000 per person per year. How many do you suppose would turn that down?
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One thing that strikes me is that 2011 is a lot better for shippers in the northwest and northeast passages. The more direct Parry Channel on the northwest looks completely open
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on Final score: 2011 vs 2007 at Arctic Sea Ice
Anybody know whether they are tracking aluminum from this monsoon source. One of the popular conspiracy theories in my region is that the US military is already engaging in geoengineering, and local people are testing for aluminum and other elements. I suspect there are many possible sources for aluminum in water.
So, the question will be, is variation in stratospheric water vapor a predictable long term trend or something cyclical. Coby Beck's website claims that water vapor varies as a function of temperature, and is therefore a feedback, not a forcing. I would like to read the whole study by Solomon et al.
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Jan 31, 2010