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Here's a pattern you can try. Once you get it up to 20 feet, send it to me!
Hey, Adam! Thanks for asking about the status of the Holmes on the Range novels. I meant to weave something promoting them into my intro to the Q&A, but I forgot. Yet another reason James Patterson doesn't need to be worried about me gaining on him.... Here's the scoop. On the Wrong Track was just re-released a couple weeks ago. A new edition of The Black Dove will follow in mid-December, and The Crack in the Lens should be out again by the end of this year. Then a brand-spanking-new Holmes on the Range novel will (hopefully) be ready next fall. Stay tuned!
I like to think my books are memorable, but hopefully they're just un-memorable enough for readers like you to read and enjoy them again...after, I selfishly hope, buying them again!
Thanks for asking, Matthew! The new ebook edition of On the Wrong Track just went on sale yesterday, and the print edition should follow in a day or so. I'm guessing The Black Dove will be ready in a couple weeks, and The Crack in the Lens should hopefully be on sale again by mid-December. So slowly but surely we're getting there!
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Thanks, Diva! It'll be interesting to see how I feel about the new novel once it's done. I remember being so exhausted after finishing some of the original books I couldn't tell if they were good or bad...which is all the more reason I'm pleased to discover now that they don't stink! Thanks for your kind words, too, Jonathan! As half of my beta-reading team, you'll be one of the first to find out if I've still got the ol' Hockensmith touch!
"Life is far too short to hate ourselves for not fitting into mental constructs of success or freedom." So true! Happy? Success! Doing what you want to do? Freedom! I feel like I need that "To Be Continued" shirt. Think it comes in a large?
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No way! The 9-to-5 job has made it possible for me to quit the writing projects I didn't want to do anymore. Which means I can now focus on the stuff I've been wanting to get to for years. For instance, I've finally started gearing up to write -- [CUT TO BLACK] TO BE CONTINUED
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I've definitely suffered from a case of credentialitis in the past. In fact, I'm still working to get over it. I think I'm just about there: I'm about to make a big leap that leaves my old cred (as I saw it) behind. We'll see if I'm completely cured....
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Or in other words....
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I know exactly where your "SUCCESS" stamp is: inside yourself. EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: The preceding sentence has been awarded The 2016 Dr. Phil C.R.A.P. (Cliches Really Are Powerful) Prize for stating the obvious in an attempt to be empowering. Congrats, me! But truly -- the "FAIL" stamp is something we smack ourselves with (although sometimes life puts the stamp in our hands and says, "Have at it!"). So we can use the "SUCCESS" stamp on ourselves, too.
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If I'm going to be writing "Stan's Soapbox," then I need to get in some digs at the Distinguished Competition. Only I don't know who that is for me. Every other fiction writer on Earth? Seems like a lot of folks to have a friendly rivalry with. But O.K. -- let's rumble! Umm...except now I don't know what to say. I've never been any good at trash talking. Maybe that's why I was a DC guy when I was a kid. -Hammerin' Steve Hockensmith
Thanks, Elisabeth -- my TBR list has been updated accordingly!
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Thanks for the recommendations, Tom! I was familiar with the book The Ox-Bow Incident (though I haven't read it yet) but I didn't know The Cowboys was based on a novel. I'll have to check 'em both out. You're right: great movies! I'll definitely check out Bower one of these days, Elisabeth. What would you recommend for a cheapskate like me who's likely to go hunting for Project Guttenberg-style freebies?
Toggle Commented May 1, 2016 on Western Disunion at Steve's Web Place
Wow -- you do get props for an obscure pick, Elisabeth! I'm afraid I'd never heard of B.M. Bower. I'll have to add Tiger Eye to my TBR list. What is it you like about it? I *almost* put Forty Lashes Less One and Valdez Is Coming on my honorable mentions list. I've read five or six Leonard Westerns, and those are by far my faves. I've read a few of his Western short stories, too, and they were all very good -- especially "The Tonto Woman." That one really packs a punch.
Toggle Commented May 1, 2016 on Western Disunion at Steve's Web Place
I read Shane for school, too! I remember liking it, but that was, like, 1981. I'm betting I'd still like it if I revisited it because (A) the movie's a classic and (B) I really dug Monte Walsh, which is by the same author. I haven't tried The Virginian yet, but I'm going to get around to it sooner or later. I'm a little worried that Owen Wister's prose won't hold up. I tried reading Zane Grey once, and...oof.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2016 on Western Disunion at Steve's Web Place
Thanks for the kind words, Daisy! But I won't consider myself truly versatile until I've conquered the worlds of film, television, music, gaming and synchronized swimming. So much more work for me to do! It's funny, Bryan -- I never was a Mad fan. I used to flip through it at the library, but I never bought an issue. Don't ask me why. In hindsight, it seems like it should have been right up my alley. Maybe after buying "Green Lantern" and "The Brave and the Bold" and a few pieces of bubble gum I didn't have enough money left over for it.
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**Please keep putting YOUR name on more books online & in my bookstore!** I'm trying! My publishing pace is probably going to drop off a bit soon, but there's still plenty more in the pipeline.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2016 on Ballot Pox at Steve's Web Place
Glad you dug the books, GGR! Trivia: There was almost a fourth book in the series, but the plug got pulled right before I started writing. In hindsight, I'm glad the project got canned. The trilogy feels just right as is. I left the N&T books off my list because (A) I wanted to stick with books for adults and (B) I figured pimping 14 books was enough!
Thanks for loaning out your name for Cadaver in Chief! "Adam McFarlane" does have a nice ring to it. I'll have to use it again one of these days. Which would your rather be -- a murderer or the victim?
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2016 on Ballot Pox at Steve's Web Place
I have some good (I think) ideas for Cadaver in Chief 2 (and I dig your title!), but I'm so busy with other projects I don't know if I'll ever get around to doing anything with them. If more readers vote for it with their wallets, though, I'll find a way to make it happen! Good question about my PPZ books. They haven't been optioned. Which kinda surprises me -- I would've thought the studio would want to lock that all up just in case. On the other hand, even if the PPZ movie is a hit and the studio decides to do a sequel, they're not obligated to use my books as the source. I've heard that the movie goes off in a new direction at the end, so maybe they'd keep going that way and leave the books behind. Time will tell....
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2016 on Ballot Pox at Steve's Web Place
Thanks for the spoiler-free review, JT! I haven't seen the movie yet, and by some miracle I still don't know who dies/turns to the dark side/makes a surprise return. (Hello, Jar Jar!) Actually, it hasn't been a miracle. I've stopped visiting sites like io9 while training my eyes to skip over all headlines with the words "Star" or "Wars" in them. It's *mostly* worked. (I accidentally saw a headline about [REDACTED]'s surprise cameo. So that won't be a surprise for me.) Tomorrow I'll be traveling all day, the day after that is Christmas and the day after that I'm finally seeing the movie, so I think the odds are good that I'll actually see the movie unspoiled. Wish me luck!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2015 on Star Words at Steve's Web Place
By all means, keep an eye on me for encroaching academese, Parspeak. If you catch me using the term "pedagogical," give it to me with both barrels! You'll forgive me if I say "nerts" to the cowboys-didn't-wear-broad-brimmed-hats thing, Bryan. As for those Stetson-wearing Amlingmeyer boys, I'll have an update on them in six or seven months. I have another tarot mystery I have to write, a graphic novel I have to write, and then.... [Cue "The William Tell Overture."]
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Although I work for a university now, I'm on the communications/p.r. side, not the academic or administrative side. I'm certainly familiar with academese and bureaucratese, though. Both are pretty much the opposite of my normal style, but if you see any of it creeping into my writing, please warn me!
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2015 on A Fistful of Details at Steve's Web Place
In toto, I'm waaaaaaaaaay less productive, of course. I produce a fraction of the words I used to in a given week. But I suppose I do more with the limited time that I have. I procrastinate less now because an hour of uninterrupted writing time is a precious thing. It'll be interesting to see what impact that has on my style and choice of projects down the road. Stay tuned: I have a feeling that'll be the subject of a blog post in about seven months....
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2015 on A Fistful of Details at Steve's Web Place
I read "Doc" last year, Tom, and I agree that it's a great novel. I've read a wee bit about Doc Holliday and the Earps myself, and I really appreciated Russell's nuanced approach. I do think she went a little easy on the guys -- I suspect they were a tad scummier than she presents, especially Wyatt -- but she's a great writer who, as you say, creates a vivid picture of the time. My local library doesn't have "Epitath," so I guess I'll have to break down and actually buy it (or wait a couple months and ask Santa for it). I love research, too, Bridget/Occupy! Love it so much, in fact, I've been doing it for a book I probably won't have time to start writing until next summer. Just goes to show how much I'm chomping at the bit to get back to the Amlingmeyers!
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