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Sign in seemed OK, but took a while to load my queue. wouldn't load my recently watched list at all....didn't have any trouble watching Torchwood once my queue FINALLY loaded.
Motorola Droid D2G is also working now, although not on the list. When this latest update was announced though there was a bit of a mixup on the Android Marketplace......the new version was announced, people were told their phones were compatible, but for a single day the OLD version of the app was still on download. ALthough the system said you were getting version 1.3, it was still feeding you version 1.22 (which in many cases didn't work, even though they said it would). They figured it out the following day and got the correct version up on the system for download...... Now we can all run our phone's batteries down to 0% about 1/2 way though a movie . I've got a multi-media cradle sitting on the desk in front of my computer's monitor so can watch Netflix on my phone while I'm wasting time on a variety of useless web content.
I've never taken these credits in the past, but the way things have been going with N* in the last couple months......I'll take 24 cents for a mouse click.....I'll take every one of them from now on.
Oh my 2 out and streaming plan cost is going from $15 a month to $20......a 25% increase for the same product, that is insane. My account's been on hold for a month, I re-activated it this morning. Will have to see if I can get all the DVD's on my list in the next 6 weeks (doubt it).
I've seen the use of: mentioned, but haven't figured out how to use it in the Netflix app on my PS3. I've only watched movies on one of my computers once....on halloween, out in the driveway while the Mrs and I were handing out candy to all the zombies in the neighborhood. Netflix was experimenting with several interfaces for the PS3. About the same time everyone started bitching about the interface change, the same monstrosity showed up on my PS3. I think it would be OK if I was using an iPad......however, it's butt ugly on a 65" TV screen. Do you know how HUGE the 5 movie icons displayed are on a 65" screen....meh.
I was on a 2 disc at a time plan and loved streaming through my PS3 on my 20mbps internet service. Even SD content looked great. Then.....Netflix changed their user interface, turning the system into a nearly unusable piece of crap. My account has been on hold for about a month now, I miss getting the discs in the mail and watching movies on streaming. Although I hope they listen and make some changes, I don't see that happening so my account will end up being canceled. Using the new interface (for me) was aggravating and I couldn't see paying $17 a month to be aggravated. I'll stick with my DirecTV Premier package, along with their VOD service on my DVR, as well as HBOGo and MaxGo........I was only using Netflix as a supplement anyway
I started reading about the UI change and thought it didn't matter much to me since I didn't use Instant Streaming on my PC. THEN I logged onto my PS3 and saw that the update had caught up with me on THAT platform. What a mess....... Called in and talked to customer service, then put my account on hold for 90 days, if the interface is the same at that time I'll cancel.
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Jun 13, 2011