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I don't normally go to Starbucks on weekends, but I will need to make a special trip this Saturday
The OP's logic is beyond me. They have less to fear from law abiding gun owners than all the criminals running around out there with unlicensed guns. Smokers offend me. They think they are exercising their rights as smokers but their rights as smokers ends when the smoke leaves their pie-hole and enters my nostrils. Their rights as smokers also ends when they toss their ash and butts on the ground and furniture or out of the car window, turning the place into a trash dump.
No, I think that that is the opinion of a lot of people. The only other reason to install Silverlight is to watch NBC's Olympics coverage online. I think that does, or did before, require Silverlight.
Although Reed Hastings has done all he can in the past couple years to run Netflix into the ground -- Quikster, anyone? -- with the involvement of Carl Icahn, Netflix is doomed. I'm not saying that Icahn won't make a profit from dismantling the company and selling the assets to competitors or to someone who has no business being in the business. Dish buying Blockbuster, anyone? Icahn will make a profit but we the customers will lose.
Yawn! Of course he's going to give away half of his wealth when he shuffles off his mortal coil. It's not called the Death Tax for nothing. Thanks to Marxists/Progressives, EVERYONE gives away half of their wealth when they reach room temperature.
As long as the end result is that Netflix has to update it's 1st gen Roku app, I support the lawsuit. I see no reason why I should have to buy a brand new 2nd gen Roku JUST so I can get CC on Netflix. I see no reason why the 1st gen Roku can't be updated to display CC.
Wait, what? I thought SBUX K-Cups were already available at Bed Bath & Beyond and grocery stores?
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May 7, 2010