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Well said..! I'm glad you voiced your opinion. I'm no artist but I'm a fan of great music. I want the artist to win always. Reading what you thought helps me understand just what artist I care about have to deal with.
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I actually agree with you but here is a small difference. If Samsung actually paid for the digital copies and there was an accounting transaction isn't it the same as you or I buying them ? What Samsung does with them is there business. I agree with the writer that BB is an old system of accounting and although it has a place it's place is not what it once was. I also looked at this from the artist standpoint that really who cares about the count? I guess for Jay-Z his record number 1s are at stake but if the actual momentum is greater then his sales are more direct and his profit is greater too..."we hope". Billboard holds the records of recording sales but the profits are another thing. I think he made a mistake asking for credit because it gave BB free money. Using myself as an example, I spent many dollars in the past buying BB magazine. I think the last physical copy I bought was maybe 1-2 years ago I actually had a hard time finding them they were the "Holy Grail". Now off of the momentum of this topic not only did I download the BB app I purchased the magazine..BB 1 Jay-Z 0 those dollars should go to the artist not BB..(I will probably buy the LP anyway but I hope you see my point) They are riding the marketing wave for free Mr. Carter put in...Samsung put in...Def Jam (Physical Distribution) put in...BB has a right to accept of deny what they want. In this instance they don't deserve a free seat at the table..
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This is a great article. I think it's great we can share our thoughts about this because the fan and artist should be first. Not the labels or technology...those two things should help to build the relationship. I still think we need filters to bring the good music to the front but that's my selfishness and subjectiveness kicking in. I spend a huge amount of time listening to music that is not that good and has no chance of being good. But I do love the thoughts shared here today.
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2013 on The Future Of Direct-To-Fan Marketing at hypebot
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I recently started using the service as I have no faith in today's radio system to expose me to emerging acts. Gone are the days when you could count on a DJ to bring to light a artist who had, it. To the Earbits crew stick with it, I think the service is valuable and needed. To the artist please make sure to give us (potential new fans) your best and make it easy for us to keep up with you. All too often I find it hard to stay in touch with them.
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I like it with my personal stuff don't know what the fall out will be for the music world. So far, from what I can tell..FAIL
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Feb 29, 2012