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Hi Carol, My head is spinning. Being the front person in office, The President of The United States = No Sleep indeed. You have to be good at spinning plates and God forbid one drops, you're dead meat. The war thing in my opnion, had become out of focus once we had OBL on the run and in our cross hairs at Tora Bora. There were no approvals from the top for us to persue. So what did we do? Right turn to Iraq. I'm still baffled by that. We were on a seek and destroy of Al Qaeda but decided to go after Saddam instead. I'm not a general, senator or congressman, but a big WTF does come to mind. Dalton Fury's book, Kill Bin Laden explains the sequence of events quite clearly. Not the best written, but you begin to get the point. I have biased opinions on the matter but will hold my tongue...for now. I haven't watched The Tillman Story, I'll make a point see that. Politics today have become one BIG finger pointing and passing blame mess from one party to the next and that is what gets my ire the most. What platform is any party running on? I'm confused. Jobs-- The President can not create jobs as it were, but he can create an atmosphere to create jobs through tax breaks as an example, for those that do create the jobs. Infrastructure sure can use some help, I always vote for it. Need an extra 5 bucks taxed from me towards that end? Take it. Racism-- to me is old hat and a cop out these days. It shows no backbone and is complete cowardice in my eyes. Just how many races are there in the good ol' USA today? I mean, c'mon please. Tea Party-- Oh my God, what happened to our society? Hair--Anybody with BIG hair is definitely NOT getting my vote. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and feeling well. Always a pleasure! ~Steve~
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Good point. Have not heard one word from the Mayor. Maybe they are taking advice from the ostrich. ~Steve~
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I never been to Texas, but it is on my...umm.."bucket list" for lack of a better term. From what you write and from photos, Austin looks gorgeous. I have another comment but, it is about the author of this article. But, best left for another time ;) If you had eaten all that you have photographed, and it ALL looks wonderful, that running path would have had to be a daily routine. But hey, it was a bit of a vacation and you probably thought, "who cares?!" Plenty of sites to see, lots of history it looks. Nothing like an area of history with lots of eye pleasing scenery. Spring might be a perfect time of year to where the temps are more manageable and perhaps a little more green? Just a guess. Great piece Carol your writing is fun, almost felt like I was there. In my past life in NYC I drove limos for the rich and not so famous. So, if you ever need a designated driver with references, let me know!!
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May he Rest In Peace.
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Welcome back! Sort of ;) I for one wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve it. If you do happen to go away from the maddening crowd here in DC you'll be missed. Heck, I'd miss ya! Here's a hug {{{{{Carol}}}}} Steve
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Nothing like a gorgeous skyline an a clear summers day!
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