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I'm already six days behind! Thanks for sharing the recipe and this version of the song. Here's a version I'm partial to:
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I had a different reaction to Meg Jay's talk. She was offering a countervailing POV to what so many people in their 20's are hearing: that it's just a decade for exploration, journey, discovery. The trend toward normalizing extended adolescence is an idea that has already spread, and stuck, and Meg Jay has seen the psychic consequences first hand. A TED talk about it is a way of kickstarting the spread of the alternative (and maybe obvious to us) idea that you should really get started doing, not just being, and not postpone it. It may be an obvious point, but I think it's one worth making. (Compared to the equally—if not more—obvious, "loud noises scare the fish" - and thanks to Julia Sweeney for calling that one out in her wrap up!) I try to find the threads that weave through the talks, and this year's dominant thread kicked off with the talks about the future of progress. Speaker after speaker demonstrated that progress is now an emergent property of doing it ourselves and not waiting for the institutions of the past generation to give us top-down progress. This was shown true of music, politics, energy policy, urban renewal, science, art, environmentalism… I was challenged to fit Meg Jay's talk into this thread. But thinking back on the teenage scientists who didn't wait for top-down progress, or the students of the school in the cloud. These people aren't even 20 yet! There are 50 million 20somethings in the USA, and for the kinds of emergent progress that threaded through the talks to happen, they'll have to pitch in and do, and not just spend a decade of being. I spent the week at TEDActive which had a high representation of this cohort, many of whom were from the 70 countries represented this year. I'm not sure if the 20s of postponement meme is a global phenomenon, but it wasn't in evidence at TEDActive! Next year you can probably walk to the main stage TED, but also consider Whistler - I think you'd enjoy TEDActive, Kate!
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TED Talks are available as an iOS app:
This can probably be done without Airplay streaming, but I would like to be able to search on my iPad for a NetFlix movie and then direct the NetFlix app on the Apple TV to begin streaming it. That way I don't have to search movies a character at a time using the character chooser interface with Apple TV remote.
I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Tammet, scheduled to speak on Thursday this year
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Great post Kate, but… it's the weekend!
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