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Steven Vance
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Adding to what alexjonlin said... I just returned from Seattle. I took the Link light rail train from downtown Westlake to Seatac airport (SEA). I noticed at one of the stations (I think SODO) they had *covered* bike parking AND bike lockers. The station is also along a trail that was built parallel to the line that connects to another trail (multi-use path).
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"Human iceberg simulation took a turn for the worse and got lost in a sea of yachts."
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Jarrett, the automated train in Singapore (MRT) has almost double the track length as SkyTrain and 5 times as many daily riders.
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I think the larger concern is not that Illinois or the Midwest didn't get the full amount requested, but will Chicago and the States use it wisely and without corruption.
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Jan 28, 2010