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Steven Walser
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Of course marijuana should be legalized. Years of experience shows that cannabis use and a vigorous and peaceful society can live hand in hand. On a personal note this rent seeking farmer would just as soon not see legalization on a nationwide basis until I have a few years taking advantage of Washington States deliciously restrictive legalization regime which will serve to accomplish several things. By it's restrictions requiring shareholders and their wives to all pass criminal and financial background checks they have effectively kept the growing, processing and retail sales of cannabis widely dispersed in local businesses hands. By the severe restriction on numbers and amount to be licensed to growers and the number of retail locations the state has effectively established what will likely be a VERY lucrative cartel that will not, for the effective future, have a chance to meet the demand that legalization will create thus ensuring that growers and retailers will regulate demand by price just as is happening in Colorado where prices have soared. By limiting the amount that any individual grower or grower group can produce the state has ensured that there will be a geographically diverse group of relatively small growers that will bring great prosperity to their areas and all without fear of the law. This law is a cannabis growers dream and one can expect the value of licenses to skyrocket as sales commence. I have farmed legal crops for many years and let me say that the prospect of raising a crop with a value in the thousands of dollars per pound and with the power of the state restricting the propensity of farmers to overproduce has this old farmer giddy!
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Feb 24, 2014