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Is it safe to assume that Daniels wants education to be privatized in Indiana? I say this because as a resident of Indiana and former student of the Franklin Township Community School Corp, it seems that the demise of that school system is well underway. Last year they (Daniels & Co.) instituted a property tax cap (state wide) which has caused significant funding problems for my old school (and I imagine many other public schools). With a $3-million operating budget deficit the school had to put up a referendum to raise property taxes or otherwise have a significant hit to the quality of the education. Turns out the un-educated masses came out in droves yesterday to vote down the referendum. Now the public school system in my township will no longer have any arts/music/pe programs for children below high school, no transportation and 85 teachers are losing their jobs. I guess my question is this: Do you think this is deliberate? This just lines up all so perfectly for an opportunist to jump into the private school business. With the voucher and charter school reforms, it seems like Indiana wants to do away with public schools in general. Sorry that this comment is a bit long, but this has been bugging me lately and I just stumbled upon this article on twitter. ^And I guess Mike did too.
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May 4, 2011