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Also, have none of these developers ever seen "The Office," "Workaholics," or some other comedy with the VERY COMMON "during the credits" scene? It's shocking that nobody would have thought of this. It's incredibly stupid oversights like this that make us feel like we deserve to bitch and moan.
For anyone who said that we all love to whine about features we want and then whine more when we finally get them, there is some truth to that. However, the real issue is how Netflix goes about implementing it's changes. I've never seen a website that implements such major changes on a whim. "If it's not broken, don't fix it" is an oldie, but a goodie and Netflix could use a little of that. Autoplay is obviously something that should be optional and it couldn't possibly take that much effort to make it optional. They didn't have it before and now they do. Therefore they already have the workflow in place to have it disabled. Why not keep that in place and just give us a setting to toggle? There is absolutely no excuse. To make matters worse, Netflix is terrible at informing their support staff about changes like this. The representative I talked to had NO idea about this change. She was very polite and understanding, one of the good things I constantly find with Netflix support, but she was clearly unprepared for my questions. So there are basically developers making constant changes behind the scenes without consulting support staff. Don't they think the support staff might have a decent idea what the customers want? They are the ones taking the enhancement request calls. Just a completely mismanaged process and par for the course with this company.
Well this would be very disappointing for me if it turns out to delay my rentals. Obviously it's going to depend on where you live vs. what USPS locations are being shut down, but after sending a disc in and waiting for the next to be received, this could possibly double the wait time. Perhaps it might be a good reason to upgrade your plan to have more discs at a time.
I have a 5-year-old Macbook with a MATSHITA-DVD-R UJ-857 drive. I've watched Netflix DVDs on it for years and never had an issue like this. Perhaps you should call Apple Support and see if there is a firmware fix for such an issue.
So...this is why Netflix is charging us so much more money now? They're basically laughing at us.
This marks the first time that I HAVEN'T gotten the credit offer regardless of whether I tried to stream or not. Interesting...
What incentive do I really have anymore to write reviews? Now there is no link to my review page ANYWHERE on the site. I think it takes all of the fun out of it to have them be anonymous. Netflix FAIL.
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May 18, 2011