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I also believe in photos on the card, Mike. We do that at my firm (PTC Accounting & Finance) for exactly that reason, to be more memorable and personal. I sometimes come home from events and have trouble putting cards to faces. But I think photos will always be the exception. The Smartphone apps are cool, but a) till there is one that works well with Blackberry, I can't see it taking off, and b) I'd hate to see the ceremony associated with receiving and saving business cards disappear. I connect to as many people that I meet on LinkedIn as possible - I think that is the 'living business card' that will allow you stay connected over time. Steve
Paul - Excellent Post! I totally agree with you. I think the test is: if the person you gave your card to looks at it a week later, will they remember you and why you spoke? If not, something didn't click. I think you have an even more important point buried in your second example. I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated and annoyed when someone barges in on a one-to-one conversation I'm having with someone at an event. It is just plain rude. The rule is, feel free to wander up and join a group of three or more who are talking, but be VERY careful about joining two. Maybe hover in eyesight for a few seconds, and look for body language inviting you in. If you don't find it, move on! I've had some very good conversations totally destroyed by this kind of interuption, and it's impossible to get that momentum back. Keep up with the great advice!
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Dec 6, 2011