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Perhaps Gulen is an old Operation Gladio asset that the CIA (or whomever) felt they were in debt to? But if so, why can't these kind of people find exile in Panama or the Cayman Islands or somewhere like that instead of in my USA? Look at the case of the Chechen cage fighter Ibrahim Todashev who was gunned down by an FBI agent while he was purportedly writing his confession of helping Tamerlan Tsarnaev ritually murder three American weed dealers in Waltham, MA on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Young Todashev was granted asylum in the U.S. even though his dad is a high official Russia, about 3 levels down the org chart from Ramzan Kadyrov and thus only 4 levels below Putin. Does that strike anybody else as weird?
By the way, retired CIA insider Graham Fuller may have also helped the Tsarnaev family who bombed the Boston Marathon get asylum in the U.S. Weird but true: Fuller used to be the father-in-law of the Tsarnaev Brothers' Uncle Ruslan. America needs a National Immigration Safety Board, modeled on the National Transportation Safety Board, to investigate immigration disasters and report on reforms that need to be undertaken to lessen the chances of them happening again. Since the Gulen Cult has likely skimmed something approaching a billion dollars of taxpayer money on its charter school operations, Imam Gulen would be a good case to start with. It might be prudent to put Fuller under oath and find out who else he has helped obtain asylum besides Gulen and the Tsarnaevs ...
I'd be very reluctant to turn anybody over to Erdogan at present. However, I wouldn't mind seeing Gulen tried in an American court for immigration fraud and education embezzlement.
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Aug 1, 2016