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To Giovanni Moebius with kind regards.. Dear George, If the skyrocketing, unbridled growth of absolute global human population numbers and the "overshoot" activities (i.e., corporate overproduction and per capita overconsumption) of the human species are direct causes of the current climate emergency and a Global Ecological Predicament, perhaps it would be worthwhile to begin 2021 by using this opportunity to "Rethink Everything". If it pleases you to do so, let us carefully examine virtually irrefutable ecological scientific research of human population dynamics. By so doing, it becomes possible to understand why the human population monster is continuing to explode on the surface of Earth as well as what can be done to tame the Leviathan. Thanks for your enduring willingness to Question Everything, Steve Steven Earl Salmony, Ph.D., M.P.A. AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population established 2001 Chapel Hill, NC USA
Dear Giovanni Mobius, Thanks for your great work. Somehow I trust a way can be found to include in "Systems Science and Engineering" a scientific examination of what appears to be the root cause of absolute global human population numbers, inasmuch as the staggering growth of the human population worldwide appears to be simultaneously extirpating mass biodiversity, obliterating original wildlife habitats and old growth forests, warming the climate, dissipating Earth's finite resources and polluting huge land masses, oceans and the air humans breathe. Please allow me to remind you of the outstanding scientific research by Pimentel and Hopfenberg, (2001), "Human Population as a Function of Food Supply". As you are likely already aware, their evidence indicates with remarkable simplicity and clarity how human population dynamics are essentially similar to (not different from) the population dynamics of non-human species. With every good wish for success and happy holidays to you and yours, Steve Salmony
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Dec 25, 2016