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John, as you know, I love baseball, too. And I love visiting ballparks and seeing my team on the road. My first game was when I was six, and we got to see the three consecutive A's World Series championships starting when I was eight. Joe Rudi, Cap'n Sal Bando, Catfish, Campy Campineris, Vida Blue, Reggie and the rest. It was a great time to be a kid. As a grown up, I've seen 18 parks including seeing the Giants in 5 parks on the road, and the A's 6. My craziest trip? Eight games in 5 days in 5 parks. Before the internet I used to write each team over the winter for their schedule, and compared them for odd trips. Day 1: double header in SF, day 2: fly to Chicago, rent a car and see Brewers in Milwaukee (County Stadium). Days 3 and 4: a rare scheduling quirk with both the Sox and Cubs home (Cubs day, before lights) and Sox (night, Old Comiskey) with in between meal at Gino's East, and day 5: fly home to Oakland, land at 10:30am and cross the freeway for a noon A's game. What a blast!
Not long after 9/11 I was talking with some co-workers about the state of fear created by the event. I told them I was more fearful of the IRS than of Osama Bin Laden. They were incredulous.
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Jun 13, 2010