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Thanks for the link, Ben!
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Thank you for writing this. As it happens, I just came back from the photo shop, where I finally had the roll of film developed that was in my dad's camera when he suddenly died six years ago. I wondered if there would be anything on it, or if the film would be ruined by now, and what it turned out to be (other than most of the film, which was indeed ruined) was a handful of images from the last sad vacation my mother and dad took to the town on Cape Cod where we went for 40 summers, but that last year our old house had been torn down, so my dad took pictures of the awful guest room they stayed in... so, pictures taken by a ghost, of a place I don't care about, instead of the most special place we knew. I was so sad I didn't think I could stand to read anything on the Internet, but found this, and it's real. So thanks.
I love this post, and it certainly describes something valid, powerful, and socially real, but I should also point out that after watching "it" people for a few decades, many of them also end up divorced, alcoholic, estranged from their kids, drug problems (particularly cocaine, the "it"-person's drug, for boosting those emanata), and so on. Yes, it gets you more sex and money, at first. But time levels the playing field.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on The "It" Quality at Ben Casnocha: The Blog
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Mar 9, 2010