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"This is silly. You can get between 2/3 and 4/5 of the fuel consumption cut by going PHEV, using between 1/5 and 1/10 of the battery capacity. If the goal is to kill OPEC in the near term, BEV is not the way to go. PHEV is." Very interesting and compelling argument! ......8 years ago
Lad, who's money are you referring to? Nissan's? They can spend THEIR money any way they choose, just as you can spend your money any way you choose, right, Lad?
"Now I KNOW we're all getting numb to battery announcements when even Harvey won't chime in with: This could lead to the batteries we need by 2020 with 400 mile range...." DaveD, that was funny! I love it. Might I even suggest adding a '?'... like this... This could lead to the batteries we need by 2020 with 400 mile range....? Lol!
Uh oh. I made a big big mistake this year, then. My income is $100,000/year and I just bought a $400,000 house. That makes me financially in the hole by $300,000 this year! What a silly fool I am!
@HarveyD Haha. Seriously? $800/lb???? Wow, how can high schools affort to spend that fortune freezing bananas and roses for a common science demonstration? Maybe that explains our national debt?!?! Lol. Actually Harvey, we shouldn't just throw out bogus numbers. It appears that LN2 costs about 6 cents per liter if bought in bulk. Harvey, Harvey.... And, you insult his army days? Small....
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Oct 14, 2012