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I struggle with this one, too. Professional vs. personal? Open vs. Closed? Public vs. Private? I'm "stevier" pretty much everywhere (Flickr, Twitter, foursquare, etc), but there are times that I don't want what's on my Twitter stream to show in Facebook, or even elsewhere. At the moment, I'm cautiously moving forward with just the one identity for both friends and co-workers. Eventually, I do believe that we'll all be "out there" to the point that it won't really matter anymore, anyway, but I'm not sure I'll be able to hold to this ideal forever, either. The only compromise I won't make is to keep my children's names (and some of their images) from being totally open. Mainly because that's their decision to make, not mine. Still, as they grow, I imagine that they too will be posting a lot out there. It'll just be my job to help them to craft it in ways that are helpful to them and make most sense.
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Dec 2, 2009