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One time ole Stevie Rey hurt his back, hun, so I know it smarts somethin' fierce. I was out back sloppin' the hawgs when I felt somethin' pop back yonder and I froze like one a Dick Cheney's huntin' buddies. I hollared out, "Momma come git me, I'm out here with the peegs and I done lost my backbone!"...turns out thats kindly been the story a my life. It'd be funny if'n it wud'n fer the tears. I done said a prayer fer ye, Sandy. If'n King Jesus heard me you'll be feelin' better likkity split! Love in Him, Stevie Rey, Arthur of The Hillbilly Bible
That's a goldmine, Chip. And that little girl is absolutely adorable. I expect a full blog review on the Twain autobiography, by the way, before I shell out forty bucks...they even wrapped it in plastic so I can't hang out at barnes and noble and read it...dang dirty trick if you ask me. Contemplating thoughts of blowing off my bills and driving thirteen hours to Richmond next week. It isn't the craziest thing I've ever done and it doesn't involve marrying anybody so I'll probably end up actually saving money.
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Oct 20, 2010