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Robert Stewart
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This is great Michael and the tone of this response seems to indicate a growing awareness of your audience here. I'm not a well healed contributor to this site but I do occasionally scratch whatever I can from my a age pension to assist as much as I can. From the earliest days I've hoped that this momentum would continue to grow and can confidently predict that in the future, if the appropriate responsible person fails to respond fully to many things like this which in the past would have slipped under the radar, that in itself will attract such media attention as to focus on the issue and have a roll on effect throughout so many areas. No doubt there has been machinery at work in the past to try and interrupt certain coverage, video recordings etc but your dedication and tenacity will see any such attempts in the future fail as the awareness continues to grow. I know I'm only echoing what many of us 'quiet majority' are eagerly anticipating but I just had to share it. Keep up the good fight, people power is behind both you and Jason in this quest, our thoughts and prayers are with you. It follows that the Prime minister or/and senior ministers will also need to respond at appropriate times such is the momentum and awareness this is generating. Thanks mate.
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Feb 26, 2015